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The Vital Vitamin and the Vital Vegetable
Look ii am really not suggesting that we all go scratching around in faecal matter to seek out medical solutions involving gut bacteria but ii can tell you that ii have always believed that all disease including mental conditions stem from the digestive tract involving gut bacteria.
Every patient that ii treat whether it is cancer, menstrual or mental issues they are all Vitamin D deficient.
Also ii am not suggesting that Cannabis is a cure all but truly in the past 30 years this plant has gone from a dangerous narcotic drug to a healing medicine to a vital vegetable and truly the health benefits far out-weigh any negative reports you may hear because we now know scientifically that the psychedelic effects of Phyto Cannabinoids (Plant derived Cannabinoids) are short lived and harmless. In my experience of working with this medicine each ‘marijuana induced schizophrenia’ case ii have been called to have always involved another chemical such as alcohol which ii have been saying for years is the only antagonist to Cannabis.  In fact ii am yet to witness a pure unaltered case of any mental disorder in the use of pure herbal Cannabis. Other narcotics such as cocaine, meth all of these things will definitely induce schizophrenia in the long run and often times on the very first time.
Recently there have been some astounding research papers proving the link between Vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer’s and this encouraged me to pursue the same train of thought with autism and even epilepsy and ii guarantee you that any child with these two conditions will definitely be deficient in Vitamin D…in fact ii guarantee this for any medical condition.
As we grow older we need more Vitamin D and therefore more sunshine. 
The very recent revelation of the 100 year medical cover up which confirms that MS multiple sclerosis is in fact Lyme’s disease (Borreliosis bacteria) a gut bacterial infection condition, well this just convinced me especially when ii took a look at the massive monies involved in various global MS societies.
So the only real way to absorb this fat soluble vitamin which is actually a hormone and affects over 3000 (probably more if not all) of our genes is from sunlight. 
In this day and age ii regret that ii am not in a position to recommend any foodstuffs especially fish products and so there are certain foods that can give you a little Vitamin D but ii would recommend you need to produce it yourself so the sun is your best bet and it is for free from our Creator.
It is also important to be aware that dairy products may provide you with high blood calcium but in the end you have low bone calcium. It is one of the medical catch 22’s where a calcium spike actually ends up depressing Vitamin D levels and the body’s ability to absorb magnesium. We simply are not supposed to drink milk.
Why is Vitamin D such an important hormone?
  • It controls the growth and differentiation of cells
  • It controls the synthesis of key enzymes
  • It controls several of the adrenal hormones
  • It has direct DNA function and is involved in DNA repair

Personally ii believe that we have been brain washed to believe that the sun is bad for us and many people are actually now scared of the sun.  But ii can guarantee you if the pharmaceutical industry could find a way to charge you for using the sun they would then tell you the truth about sunlight and optimum health.

One of the biggest obstacles right now in South Africa is the consequences of the new CAMS (Complimentary and Alternative Medicines) regulations is that Vitamin D is now to be registered under the same strict restrictions as Prozac.  

Gut bacteria needs Vitamin D in order to survive…
Already you can find papers on the net about how microbes seem to shape autism and so it is very important to be aware that the body and brain needs Vitamin D from the sun to keep valuable gut bacteria alive.

So the destruction of our natural gut bacteria leads to inflammation in the brain and the body which leads to the increase in a large variety of illnesses we are seeing all over the world today.

The way ii understand how the body works is that infection causes inflammation or swelling.  This is our body’s natural response to afflicting bacteria or viruses which can harm the body.
Any tissue damage in the body will result in inflammation of the affected area and will be recognized by redness, increased warmth, swelling, pain or itching depending on the severity of the inflammation and therefore the severity of the tissue damage.  So in other words pain would indicate greater tissue damage than itching which indicates milder tissue damage.

Therefore anything that can cause tissue damage can cause inflammation.

Any microorganism which can cause infection and gains access across any of the body’s barriers can and will cause tissue damage and this will then result in inflammation.

Gut bacteria needs Vitamin D in order to survive. Vitamin D affects our entire gastric tract and we have Vitamin D receptors in our brains, spinal cord, digestive tract, salivary glands, our teeth, esophageal sphincter, Islet cells of the pancreas as well as the stomach cells which produce acid.

Vitamin D stimulates the body to produce bactericidal proteins. Phyto Cannabinoids stimulate the body to increase Vitamin D intake also have anti-microbial properties.

In fact the most pronounced expression of Vitamin D and Cannabinoid receptors is in the small intestine.

It is also interesting that we also have Cannabinoid receptors at all of these sites as well even our teeth pulp. So clearly you can see how Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids work together in the brain and body to maintain balance and health. The reason for this is that the Endocannabinoid System controls the Endocrine System which controls the hormone system.  Phyto Cannabinoids stimulate the Pineal Gland to absorb Vitamin D and other important hormones for example Oxytocin, Serotonin, Melatonin and Melanin to name a few.

The truth about bacteria…

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that around 90% of cells in the human body are bacterial, fungal or otherwise non-human. These statistics also suggest that we have only just begun to grasp the full extent to which bacteria work to facilitate their own survival by continuing to enjoy a commensal relationship with their human hosts where one organism benefits from the host without causing any harm to the host.

This symbiotic relationship only prevails when the body is in balance and when there is imbalance medical conditions result. Vitamin D, the Liver and Phyto Cannabinoids all serve to maintain homeostasis in the body.

It is also obvious that we have greatly underestimated both the size and diversity of bacterial populations. In a recent environmental study of samples from human hands, the study revealed 100 times more species than had previously been detected using purely culture-based methods.  And another study which also used high throughput genomic sequencing discovered high numbers of hydrothermal vent bacteria on prosthetic hip joints.  This is a species of bacteria once thought to only survive in the depths of the ocean.

It has now been realized by molecular biologists around the world that there is indeed a very rich exchange of DNA among microbes. This is exactly why we need Vitamin D because of its vital role in our DNA and genes and its role in respect of gut bacteria.
Bacteria produce hydrogen as they feed and grow and this hydrogen is picked up in a lactulose breath test which is the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to measuring bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. Ask your doctor for this test.

The degree of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine has a direct relationship with the severity of conditions like Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). Everyone with these two conditions is definitely Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoid deficient.

How do gut bacteria work in the body?

Whether good or bad when bacteria overrun the small intestine problems quickly occur.
The function of the small intestine is to carry food from one end of the digestive tract to the other. If there are not enough of the correct enzymes in the small intestine then food slows its travel time and this is when bacterial populations start growing. When the food transit process is slowed down this gives food a chance to rot and microbial communities the opportunity to grow in the gut.

Oftentimes for instance in the case of diabetes and hypothyroidism bacteria from the large intestine creeps up into the small intestine giving these bacteria the opportunity to multiply profusely .

What we eat absolutely affects the bacterial balance in our guts and so when we eat a carbohydrate high meal or if we are unable to break down certain plant fibres, we see an overgrowth of resident bacteria. People need to look into products like Keefa and Kombucha to rectify natural gut bacteria and rid the body of bad bacteria. Kombucha is amazing for detoxing the liver and you can even make it at home.

The Risk of Vitamin D deficiency
One of the biggest lies ever told to us is that the sun causes cancer so let’s take a look at the facts.
It is said then that when travelling from either the north or south- pole towards the equator that UV exposure increases by up to 5000% whereas ozone depletion only increases exposure by 20%.  So if UVB exposure and ozone depletion were in fact the cause of skin cancer then surely the people living closest to the equator would be diagnosed with malignant melanoma at an alarming rate…well the reality is that the opposite is truth and this is why people who live closer to the equator have darker skins because they naturally produce more Melanin.  So race and skin colour is not even about culture it’s about sunshine and Vitamin D.
To this day no scientific studies have ever proven that sunlight causes cancer in humans.  And in fact there is plenty of evidence to the contrary where over the years several studies have confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps to prevent skin cancer and melanoma occurrence has been found to decrease with greater sun exposure, and can actually be increased by sunscreen products.
Most of these studies that try so hard to find a cause have only actually found links and many scientists have established that actually it is the toxicity level (usually always in the digestive tract and largely in the liver) of the human body which reacts with UV rays which causes cancer and not the sunlight itself.
Sunlight does not cause skin cancer and in fact it is our best defence against cancer.
Don’t be fooled the sun gives us even more than Vitamin D it also increases our levels of nitric oxide which assists the body with vasodilation and this is helpful for strokes and heart attacks.  Cannabis is also a vasodilator.
The sun also increases our Serotonin levels which are produced by the Pineal Gland; this is the ‘feel good’ hormone which cuts depression out.  Cannabis also eats away layers of depression because it stimulates the body to absorb Serotonin and is known to lower the risk of suicide but not when accompanied by other chemicals like alcohol.
The sun also stimulates the production of Melatonin which controls our sleep wake patterns. 
The reason why sleep is so healing is because this hormone also produced in the Pineal gland is the greatest antioxidant our bodies produce (humans and animals) and it is highly anti-inflammatory. Melatonin also reduces dangerous oestrogen levels in the body and ii have studied many papers reporting that both men and women with sleep problems are at greater risk of developing cancers such breast and prostate which is linked to excess oestrogen in the body.
Everyone knows that Cannabis makes you sleep better.
Melatonin is also linked to lower risk of suicide.  So the importance of Cannabis to assist the body to absorb more Vitamin D from the sun goes a long way to explaining all of this since Cannabis also stimulates the body to produce both Serotonin and Melatonin because it controls hormone secretion. So again you can see the link between the vital vitamin and the vital vegetable and this is why there is a definite link between Vitamin D deficiency and Cannabinoid Deficiency which is now also a recognised medical condition.
It is very important to be aware that if you are Vitamin D deficient your Pineal gland will not work properly especially in its production of Serotonin, Melatonin and Melanin.
Positive research test results involving the production and release of Oxytocin have given scientists confidence to pursue studies of the role of Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids in hormone release in the treatment of fertility problems, mood and anxiety disorders, and metabolic processes such as Thyroid function and diabetes, as well as symptoms of autism.
One of the reasons why Cannabis works so well for people suffering from Fibromyalgia is that Cannabis regulates the Thyroid Gland and Hypothyroidism is one of the key symptoms which then manifests as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Cannabis can rectify these imbalances through the functions of our Endocannabinoid System.

Cannabis naturally increases our uptake of this vital vitamin. Very few people who consume Cannabis have Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D practically eats cancer cells up as does Cannabis because both possess apoptotic properties and this is again because Cannabis stimulates the body to absorb Vitamin D. Cannabis has similar properties and this is how it is able to cure cancer. Both Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids also plays a vital role in insulin and renin secretion and this is how it is able to delay many chronic diseases.

So as you can see the sun is not so bad for us after all…neither is Cannabis…and surely you must find it strange that we have been told that both are highly dangerous to our health.

If you do the research you will see that the majority of sun protection products in fact contain ingredients with serious health and safety concerns. Almost half of the 500 most popular products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain carcinogenic agents which speed up tumour growth.
But most of all they simply block out the vital UV rays our bodies and brains need to survive and if you deprive the body of sunlight it is the same as putting a healthy plant in a dark cupboard and even if you give it water and nutrients and air it will still die it is the exact same with humans except the process is longer. Please ask yourself why these products are allowed to be sold.

While researching Can Cannabis Cure Glaucoma ii found it fascinating that since the advent of sunglasses in 1929 cancer cases started increasing and the reason is that this fashion accessory actually blocks out the vital UV rays which the brain needs in order for cells to communicate with each other.

We now know that it has been scientifically proven that cells communicate via light carried by neuro-transmitters.  Sunglasses therefore also block the Pineal gland (Third Eye) which receives the white light from the lens of the eyes. The white light is then broken down into the full spectrum of the colours of light to be distributed by the Pineal gland around the body. So for example when the body needs to make blood the Pineal gland then sends out red light and say green light when the body needs to create bile for instance.  This is the importance of sunlight to our health.

Again, it most important to be aware that if you are Vitamin D deficient then your Pineal gland will not be functioning properly.
So if you consider that the eyes are the only part of the brain that you can see from the outside then you can realise the importance of the eyes being exposed to sunlight for proper Pineal gland function and optimum health at cellular level.
All three of our eyes are essential to optimum health…

Insufficient Vitamin D levels is one of the reasons for a calcified Pineal gland which will automatically struggle to receive the full spectrum of light required by the body to function at cellular level, and this is exactly why there is such a strong link between many brain abnormalities and Vitamin D deficiency. So my recommendation for anyone who is ill or not feeling well please take at least 20 minutes a day where possible to sit in the sunlight and if you have time…make it an hour.

It is important to be conscious of the fact that around the world governments are still adding fluoride to the drinking water and one of the problems with fluoride is that it calcifies and blocks our Pineal gland and therefore the white light from entering our bodies but it also keeps us in a docile state of mind accepting everything and questioning nothing especially with regards to our health. Ask yourself if this is healthy.

So when you are wearing sunglasses you are basically telling the body that it is getting darker outside and that it no longer needs to produce Melanin.

The lack of Melanin during daylight sun exposure while wearing sunglasses will cause the UV-A portion of the UV light to enter the skin much more deeply than it normally would if you were not wearing sunglasses. The higher concentration of UV-A in the deeper parts of the skin due to the lack of Melanin causes cell mutation, which then leads to skin cancer. Melanin protects the skin against sun damage and skin cancer.

The natural contrast of light during the day and night that your body (and eyes) are exposed to helps assure healthy hormonal secretions and healthy sleep. Sunglasses inhibit this process. This is a scientific fact.

If your eyes are not consistently exposed to the various array of UV light, then your ability to adapt to light will diminish as well as your vision. This too is a scientific fact.

Because your eyes are designed to interact with sunlight, wearing sunglasses for long periods of time can become a considerable stress. Your eyes are being forced to operate, perceive, and take in data through an unnatural “tint”. In this way, your eyes are actually being forced to work harder than usual. And when your eyes are constantly exposed to this kind of stress they will naturally become fatigued and weaken.

There is a definite link between Vitamin D deficiency and visual functioning in older adults especially in respect of visual clarity.
Studies have revealed that a significant amount of people with glaucoma also have Vitamin D deficiency.

With the help of the sun the liver produces Vitamin D, so in patients with liver disease or liver failure their levels will then be lower due to compromised absorption by the damaged liver. The liver naturally absorbs the quantity of Vitamin D which the body requires so in other words if you lay in the sun for too long you cannot overdose on Vitamin D.

So low Vitamin D levels and bone disease are common symptoms of liver disease and this is also why people suffering with osteoporosis also have very low Vitamin D levels.

People need to be conscious about the role of Vitamin D and its deficiency is the very marker for liver disease.  This is why ii have always look to Traditional Chinese Medicine when researching my remedies and it always amazes me how many conditions are in fact linked to a diseased liver for example malaria. Personally ii believe that the first port of call to treating any disease is identifying Vitamin D deficiency in patients.

Trust me the liver is not called the ‘liver’ for nothing brothers and sisters, the liver can take a serious bashing in an average life time.  It takes a lot for the liver to become so diseased that it can no longer produce Vitamin D and this is exactly how other chronic conditions start manifesting in the body…over a long period of time, these days it is happening quicker due to the increase of toxins in our air, food, water, soil and vaccinations and who knows where else.  All ii know is that ii am seeing more and more young people with liver disease.

All disease stems from the digestive tract and the majority appear to be the diseased liver.

A failing or diseased liver will give you real symptoms like jaundice (yellow eyes and skin), bad breath, rashes, itchy skin, brown spots on the skin, pale stools and dark urine.  If you have any of these symptoms and you are worried about your liver you should see a health care practitioner soonest.

Research has proven that people with higher levels of Vitamin D have less chance of developing liver cancer and disease.
As ii stated earlier ii guarantee Vitamin D deficiency in the majority of medical conditions because this deficiency is so extremely common in our patient population and indeed even some healthy people can still be Vitamin D deficient.


Over the past few decades there has been a lot media attention surrounding the issue of alcohol versus Cannabis for recreational use. Not only does Cannabis offer a healthier euphoriant than say whiskey or vodka but it can also help repair the damage which alcohol imposes on the body especially the liver.  The anti-inflammatory and neuro protective properties of Cannabis, makes this medicine appealing for a variety of diseases including cancer and liver disease.

It turns out that patient’s with active cirrhosis of the liver feature CB2 receptors in their liver cells, whereas those not suffering from the disease lack these receptors.
This is a very interesting medical expression and many researchers believe that this is the diseased liver’s way of preparing to accept Cannabinoids with the goal of restoring health and balance via the Endocannabinoid System and its control over the immune system. So in other words Cannabis displays a protective role in a variety of liver diseases and overall immune system function.
A 2005 study conducted at Hebrew University Medical School concluded that Endocannabinoids — the body’s own internally-produced Cannabinoids that are intimately involved in regulation of the immune system and nervous system actually help control things like vascular changes and inflammation. In addition, it found these Endocannabinoids to be critical to proper neurological function and helpful for those suffering from liver diseases like fibrosis and cirrhosis.
“Endocannabinoids appear to be involved in several aspects of acute and chronic liver disease.”

In a 2011 study at the Hebrew University’s Medical School which was published in the journal Cell Death and Disease revealed that CBD causes malignant cells in liver fibrosis to appear to literally commit suicide.” The study concluded:
“Collectively, these results, coupled with the excellent safety and tolerability profile of Cannabidiol in humans, strongly suggest that it may have great therapeutic potential to treat a variety of liver conditions”
A further study released in 2013 in the journal Clinical Infectious Disease revealed that regular Cannabis consumption does not accelerate the progression of liver disease, specifically fibrosis. This was a comprehensive human study involving 2000 participants.
No part of the Cannabis plant is useless and while the flowers and leaves are normally the main focus of the plant, we now know that there is more to the roots than what many of us assumed and in fact, people have been incorporating Cannabis roots into medicine for thousands of years. Its just fascinating for example and ii am digressing here but Cannabis roots and blood clotting properties and in ancient times it was used to stop child birth bleeding, but back to the liver...
We now know that Cannabis roots contain a substance known as Friedelin which we now know is a powerful antioxidant, with hepato-protective (liver-protecting) properties.
Cannabis roots contain a rich source of medicinal properties and are far more valuable than we ever imagined and it is very true that we have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to understanding the consciousness of the Cannabis plant as a whole and what it can really do for us.
It is my personal belief that the main reason we are having so much success with Cannabis treatment of liver conditions is because of the fact that Cannabis aides Vitamin D absorption.


Obese people store excess fat in their liver and this greatly increases their risk of developing fatty liver disease and cirrhosis and ultimately liver cancer. Vitamin D levels will be strained.
A lot of people think that cirrhosis of the liver is an alcohol related disease this is not true and can affect people who do not drink as well. You must look at the contents of the food which you are eating and look at the side effects of some of these additives and liver damage is right up there.

Obesity can also lead to insulin resistance and this leads to faster tumour growth. Another problem with obesity and cancer is that obese people tend to have more inflammation in their body.

As a matter of interest Vitamin D can actually help control obesity together with calcium by reducing overeating and boosting fat metabolism. Vitamin D actually breaks down fat in the small intestine so it certainly seems that overall health has a lot to do with fats and sunshine. As ii said earlier the greatest concentration of Vitamin D receptors are in the small intestine where fats are broken down.

Cannabis regulates metabolism and can rectify obesity and has already proven to play an important role in metabolic regulation and there are many studies underway around the world investigating the role of Phyto Cannabinoids in obesity and diabetes.  If you look around you will see that there are very few people who consume Cannabis who are overweight.


Many people do not realise the danger of consuming too much omega 6 fats.
Regular readers will be familiar with my own personal Cannabis Medicine recipe which ii refer to as the Cannabis Coconut Connection. The recipe is on the blog and ii am happy to share it with everyone.

Yellow cooking oils which remain liquid at room temperature are usually also high in Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.  These oils go by many names such as corn oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil to name a few.

These days animals and poultry are fed unnatural diets high in soya and corn even fish which are farmed. So these animals produce unnaturally high omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, often lacking in omega 3 fats to balance these out.  We need to avoid consuming these animals and even the eggs of chickens fed in this way.

The biggest problem with these trans fats is that they cause the body to produce cytokines which are pro-inflammatory proteins which cause inflammation in the brain and body.

In my 2014 dissertation ii presented the idea of the Cannabis Coconut Connection after almost ten years of studying this legitimate medical link. So let us look specifically at how Cannabis and Coconut both can help the body to absorb Vitamin D.
For over 60 years we have believed that coconut oil is a ‘bad fat’ and blocks our arteries leading to cardiovascular disease and worse heart attacks and even heart failure.

One never seems to hear about the miracle healing power of Cannabis on television.  Is it really possible that not even the cure for cancer can supersede news of murders and robberies? One also never sees an advert for coconut oil or honey for that matter. We give thanks that we are starting to see this change and ii am surprised no one has made a movie yet or perhaps they have.

Anti-tumor (anti-cancer)
Anti-tumor (anti-cancer)
Immune Boosting
Immune Boosting
Regulation of metabolism (weight control)
Regulation of metabolism (weight control)
Anti-oxidant – fights free radicals
Anti-oxidant – fights free radicals
Skin care
Skin care
Osteoporosis treatment
Osteoporosis treatment
Fat soluble
Over 90% Saturated fat
No negative side effects no deaths
No negative side effects no deaths
Components found in human breast milk
Components found in human breast milk
Regulate circulation
Regulate circulation
Used for over 5000 years as medicine
Used for over 5000 years as medicine
At the forefront of medical research and breakthroughs
At the forefront of medical research and breakthroughs
Criminalized since 1930’s
Condemned for over 60 years
Controls regulation of fat
Controls regulation of fat
Raw plant has no psychedelic high
Raw plant has no psychedelic high
Aides nutrient absorption
Aides nutrient absorption
Vitamin D absorption
Vitamin D absorption


Contrary to popular belief coconut oil actually promotes a healthy cardiovascular system because medium chain fatty acids do not contribute to arterial plague and this is because of the way they are absorbed by the body. It also regulates metabolism and controls appetite and therefore weight gain, making coconut oil a valuable remedy in the fight against diabetes and obesity.

The medium chain fatty acids cause the body to store fat as an expendable energy in the liver instead of as fatty cells in the tissues which is exactly what long chain fatty acids do. Coconut oil is also known to support proper functioning of the Thyroid gland which makes it a suitable natural anti-obesity remedy. As mentioned above under “Obesity” Cannabis has already proven itself in the regulation of obesity and diabetes.

Coconut oil is a very important immune system booster because of its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and we now know that Cannabis shares the exact same properties.

Numerous studies have proven that coconut oil is extremely helpful in preventing and curing liver disease, kidney disease, Crohn’s disease, cancer and many infectious illness such as the flu, herpes, bladder infections, candida and even ringworm and aluminium poisoning.

Also at risk of Vitamin D deficiency are people with disorders such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease and also people suffering with fybromyalgia who don’t handle fat properly, because Vitamin D needs fat to be absorbed. It is exactly the same as Cannabinoid absorption in the body. Coconut oil being an over 90% saturated fat is the perfect fat for Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids to bond to. It really is all about the fats.

Scientists are slowly starting to realise the powerful combination of Cannabis and Coconut oil and this is because of the similarity in healing properties and the ability of both plants to fight free radicals.

Coconut oil is not absorbed by the gut but is directly absorbed by the liver, so this makes coconut oil the perfect delivery system allowing easy access of Phyto Cannabinoids into the liver for healing.  This is the most effective way in which Cannabis stimulates the liver to absorb Vitamin D.

Coconut oil has the ability to help the body increase absorption of some of the B vitamins and the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K.  

So both Cannabis and coconut oil naturally increase the body’s absorption of Vitamin D.
Both Cannabis and Coconut are made up of unique combinations of chemical compounds which cannot be found anywhere else in nature and these chemical compounds do not work in isolation. Truly it is mystical that both Cannabis and coconut have such unique components which have such similar healing properties. If the coconut tree had psychedelic properties you can be sure that coconut oil would also have been illegal but instead they just demonized it and carried on producing poisoness oils which cause severe disease and feed this to the people.


The importance of the ability of coconut oil to increase absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, together with the fact that Cannabinoids are fat soluble gives clear evidence to the fact that coconut oil has the ability to maximize Phyto Cannabinoid extraction, and subsequently absorption by the body, because it is a highly saturated fat and Cannabinoids have a natural affinity with coconut oil providing the best type of fat for the various Cannabinoids to bond to. Yes Cannabinoids need fats to bond onto in order to do their work in the healing process. Vitamin D also needs fats to bond to for maximum absorption and this is why sun tanning with coconut oil is the best way to absorb Vitamin D in the shortest period of time.

Everyone knows that the human body is around 60% water but did you know that our brain is 60% fat?  This is a very interesting link when you start studying the effect of Cannabis, Coconut and Vitamin D on the human brain.  Again in medical matters some repetition is necessary, so again we must take note that both Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids are fat soluble and coconut oil is a highly saturated fat and the brain is mostly fat, so it does make a lot of sense that this combination has all the essentials to go a long way to assisting us to maintain optimum health and longevity. And dare ii say that this type of information might not be favoured by the pharmaceutical industry. And you can be 100% sure that they are aware of all of this and more.


It is said that stress is another thing that is just part of normal daily life and often ii hear my brothers and sisters saying “Ag that’s just life…” meaning…that whatever ‘upset’ just happened …is just part of life…in other words just get on with the life…moving on dot com.

Whichever way we look at it stress causes pain and this pain rots the entire body. No part of the body is immune.  It is only because people handle stress differently that the symptoms of stress can vary. As far as ii am concerned stress causes the entire body to deteriorate and in fact it can kill you. There is now sufficient scientific proof to support this and the fact that stress can and does make you more susceptible to everything from the common cold to cancer.

For me personally stress is the body’s reaction to its environment…so what ii mean to say is that if you are in a positive environment you will be happy and healthy and well- adjusted to your life.  But on the other hand if you are in a negative environment then your body will react negatively by becoming stressed and ill both physically and mentally.  It is said that we currently live in a more than 80% negative environment so clearly stress levels are higher these days where we live in a fear-based society which truly is becoming harder to bear by the day.

Personally ii live in fear of being arrested each day as ii mission to make this medicine available to ill people who need it.  Even as ii write this paper the laws of my land are changing to make ‘medical marijuana’ legally available to the people of South Africa, but ONLY via the pharmaceutical industry. This poses a massive tribulation for people like myself and currently we are 3 000 000 strong in followers of Rastafari, and the very people who have been bringing this medicine to the people, myself personally 25 years now.  

So the stress is that the government has now taken our sacrament, our Holy Herb, our cash crop, and made it ‘legal’ for themselves, but at the same time they are keeping us ‘illegal’ so now in our country as the most oppressed minority group with solid constitutional rights, we have become somewhat of a paradox in the legal system.  At a recent gathering to deliver a memorandum to the government one of our Elders commented that locking a Rastafari up for using Cannabis is like locking a Muslim up for NOT eating pork…truly the world has gone mad upon us this time…

In the past month ii have received two offers of employment in the Cannabis grow industry, ii was flattered until ii was informed by the second head hunter that they too had only one condition…ii would have to remove my locks…so ii asked the second caller if they were trying to inform me that they did not want a Rastafari presence in their operation to which she said she could personally not comment.  This is my daily stress…being forced to denounce my faith and my calling as medicine woman.

But at the core of stress is the ceaseless challenge to develop interventions against the harmful effects of stress. This involves an understanding of the way in which thoughts and feelings can affect physical health.

It has been scientifically proven that chronic stress reduces the production of Endocannabinoids and stress also greatly depletes Vitamin D levels. 


Certain medications inhibit the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D or they simply deplete the body’s natural levels:
Anti- cholesterol drugs
Anti-obesity drugs
Certain mineral oils
Anti- epileptic drugs
Hypertension drugs
Anti-diabetic drugs (Also depletes Vitamin C)
Arthritis drugs
Antiretroviral drugs
Glucocorticoids (Adrenal cortical steroids)
Some pharmaceutical drugs negatively affect the way our body absorbs Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids.
People need to know that many pharmaceutical drugs like anti epileptics, anti- cholesterol drugs and believe it or not even some anti-osteoporosis drugs all can affect the way in which the body absorbs Vitamin D by increasing its break down and reducing calcium absorption.  This is exactly how anti osteoporosis drugs can cause more fractures because of the way they alter the body’s uptake of this vital vitamin. Many of these medications also affect our ability to absorb Cannabinoids since these two both work on the same neural pathways.

Not all supplements are created equal…
From what ii have learnt in this life if you do not produce something yourself you can be sure it’s probably not good for you, so it is with great sadness that ii must inform you to check out the quality of your supplements because there is a lot research out there advising us not to consume certain synthetic supplements.
Something else ii have learnt is that in general it certainly seems as though most of the side effects of certain pharmaceutical drugs are in fact the very symptoms they were created to cure, so ii would not be surprised if there were some truth to the rumors that certain Vitamin D supplements in fact deplete your uptake…frankly ii do not have the energy to explore whether this is truth or not…ii have seen enough.
So honestly my only advice to you is to deal with nature and sit in the sun wherever possible with coconut oil smeared on your out the sun…for your health…seek natural alternatives without hectic side effects.


The liver produces Vitamin D which is then synthesized in the skin by the UV rays from the sun, so UV rays convert to Vitamin D.

Therefore people with less exposure to the sun are susceptible to Vitamin D.

The reason why Vitamin D deficiency affects more people of color is because they have a much higher concentration of Melanin in their skin surfaces. This causes lower penetration of the UV-B rays causing the body to produce lower Vitamin D levels.

So people of color therefore need a lot more sun exposure in order to produce adequate Vitamin D. For this reason people of color are also at increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and glaucoma especially people living in the northern hemisphere. So yes black and colored people do get more sick than white people and ii urge my brothers and sisters of color to please not just believe that it is your genetics…this is nonsense…the reason why black people get more sick is because of Vitamin D deficiency because they have more Melanin in their skin which lowers their absorption of UV light and therefore Vitamin D.

There are a few other reasons why our black brothers and sisters suffer more to absorb Vitamin D.

Black people generally have a higher metabolism and since body fat is known to store Vitamin D, and black people do not carry much body fat. It is also a well- known fact that black people have much stronger bones and teeth and scientists claim that this is because of differences in the way in which different races absorb calcium and that increased calcium metabolism may deplete Vitamin D levels in people of color.

Black people absorb calcium better than white people and are also better at retaining calcium in the bones and kidneys, especially during growth phases.  This is exactly why black people need more sun because calcium production depletes Vitamin D levels. 
People of color who live in the northern hemisphere should make sure that they supplement their Vitamin D intake, there is a lot of evidence of black people not getting enough sunshine in Europe and developing prostate and breast cancers. Sometimes ii think that a lot black people left Africa for Europe in the hopes of a better life but in fact they are just getting sick over there and it is mostly because of Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D plays an important role in reducing the risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular disease, cancer, immune and infectious disease as well as degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism.
Vitamin D as ii said before is so much more than a vitamin it is really a hormone and this is one of the main reasons why Cannabis is useful because it stimulates the body to produce Vitamin D.  As said before very few people who consume Cannabis are Vitamin D deficient. 
Both Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids have apoptotic properties, which means they can alter cancer cells and basically eat them up and in the case of Vitamin D can actually convert a cancer cell back to a healthy cell…that’s pretty slick hay? Mother Nature…
Vitamin D is a key player in the body’s ability to absorb calcium and phosphorous, assisted only by magnesium.  So Vitamin D deficiency equals Calcium deficiency.

This is exactly how conditions like rickets and osteoporosis develop.

Vitamin D deficiency also causes muscle weakness and this is exactly why ii encourage people suffering with any chronic condition like cancer or fybromyalgia to consume at least 1000 mg. Vitamin D supplements per day and this really seems to help a lot of people with their symptoms not to mention make cancer disappear.

1000 micro grams is therefore 1 milligram which is equivalent to around 38 000 IU and toxicity occurs above 40 000 IU.  1.25 milligrams is equivalent to 50 000 IU (International Unit) a dose ii often see prescribed and is still considered safe when treating certain cancers because you need to mega dose Vitamin D in the initial healing of most cancers in other words shock the living … out of it. Again this is exactly why Phyto Cannabinoids and coconut oil are so effective in the treatment and cure of cancer because they increase the body’s absorption of Vitamin D.

Nearly all Vitamin D ‘overdose’ or toxicity occurs from taking too many supplements.  Naturally our bodies control the amount of Vitamin D it produces.  In order to ‘overdose’ you would need to consume about 40 000 IU per day for a few months.
The main risk of too much Vitamin D is hypercalcemia which is a build-up of calcium in the blood and can lead to poor appetite, nausea, frequent urination and kidney problems. When the high dose is reduced these symptoms generally disappear so to be honest there is very little chance of overdosing on such doses. In the very same way as it has already been scientifically proven that you seriously cannot overdose on Cannabis.


Longevity or prolonged existence or permanence of life is something desired by most people, men and women alike but only once they get to a certain age.  Mostly today people simply wish to stay young in terms of their looks and physical appearances.  These days 30 is considered old by teenagers and 50 is now considered the new 40 by 60 years olds.

It is however possible to preserve our bodies and minds to live to ripe old ages without health problems in other words to pass on naturally of old age.
With age comes deterioration of cells, tissues organs, memory and brain function. One has to be conscious of what supplements are required to reverse age related deterioration in the body and brain.
We now know that Vitamin D is crucial to preventing Alzheimer’s and we are also now starting to realise the truth about sunshine and dementia. Both Vitamin D and Cannabis have neuro protective properties and other healing similarities so these two work alongside each other to promote longevity.

Fat Soluble
Fat Soluble
Apoptotic properties
Cell autophagy
Hormone absorption
Hormone absorption
Production of Serotonin, Melatonin, Melanin
Production of Serotonin, Melatonin, Melanin
Osteoporosis treatment
Osteoporosis treatment
No negative side effects no deaths
No negative side effects no deaths
Regulate circulation
Regulate circulation
Regulate metabolism controls weight
Regulate metabolism controls weight
Used for over 5000 years as medicine
Used for over 5000 years as medicine
At the forefront of medical research and breakthroughs
At the forefront of medical research and breakthroughs
Demonized since 1930’s
Criminalized for over 90 years
Controls regulation of fat
Controls regulation of fat
Aides nutrient absorption
Aides nutrient absorption
Neuro protection
Neuro protection
Receptor expression throughout body
Receptor expression throughout body
Overall complementary medication
Overall complementary medication

Phyto Cannabinoids naturally increase the body’s uptake of Vitamin D and also control the Endocrine System in the body.

The Role of Cannabis in the Aging Process

Dr Robert Melamede, former Chairman of the Department of Biology at the University of Colorado, believes that Phyto Cannabinoids not only help patients with cancer or Multiple sclerosis and other serious conditions but can also slow down the aging process and play a role in averting and normalising all age-related illnesses.

This does makes a lot of sense and we are all aware of the role of ‘free radicals’ in the aging process, they quickly multiply and become uncontrollable in the absence of antioxidants to flush them out of the body.  Free radicals also cause inflammation throughout the body thus intensifying other conditions commonly connected with the aging process such as arthritis.
The Endocannabinoid System controls the process of autophagy which is a process involving cellular destruction of unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components.

The process of autophagy breaks down damaged organelles, cell membranes and proteins, but does not damage or alter healthy cells at all, unlike the majority of so called cancer fighting drugs which kill off healthy cells as well as damaged cells.
The failure of the process of autophagy is the main reason for on-going cell damage and therefore the aging process.

It seems obvious therefore that we need to boost our Endocannabinoid Systems in order to maintain our good health and indeed our longevity and failure to do so will result in a number of medical disorders.

The Cannabinoids CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBC (Cannabichromene) are known to relieve inflammation and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBN (Cannbinol) are known to act as antioxidants.  These are two very important factors in maintaining homeostasis and overall health. The death of cancer cells, in turn, promotes homeostasis and survival at the level of the entire entity in both humans and animals alike.

The eyes are the first to go…

There are studies underway where researchers are revealing the role of Vitamin D in the aging process particularly eye aging. Some results reveal that after just 6 weeks of receiving the supplement improvements that were noticed included improved vision, reduction of retinal inflammation and levels of amyloid beta accumulation and reduction in retinal macrophage population (macrophages are immune cells that cause inflammation)
So lower Vitamin D levels are then associated with greater incidence of open angle glaucoma.

These are very interesting studies because these findings suggest that Vitamin D may very well help prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly. AMD is associated with both amyloid beta accumulation and inflammation, and Vitamin D supplementation certainly seems to benefit both of these conditions.

Researchers concluded:

"These changes were reflected in a significant improvement in visual function, revealing that vitamin D3 is a route to avoiding the pace of age-related visual decline. Excess amyloid beta deposition and inflammation are risk factors leading to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the largest cause of blindness in those older than 50 years in developed countries.
Recently, vitamin D3 has been linked epidemiologically to protection against age-related macular degeneration.  Hence, vitamin D3 enrichment is likely to represent a beneficial route for those at risk."
If you read Can Cannabis cure Glaucoma then you will already know the effect of Phyto Cannabinoids on intraocular pressure. Very positive news to see how highly beneficial both sunshine and Phyto Cannabinoids actually are for our health, yet this information has been kept from us resulting in a lot of unnecessary suffering and death.


When ii was going through my breast cancer my oncologist suggested that ii get some sun on my bare breasts as part of the healing.  This ii instantly understood as ii was conscious of the importance of Vitamin D and cancer.

But ii did not know that you actually needed to get the sun on the actual breasts. Listen to this in London at St Georges Hospital they have done studies which reveal that women with low levels of Vitamin D in their breast tissue have a 354% greater chance of developing breast cancer.  This is exactly why women need to tan topless.

In a previous paper ii wrote about my embarrassing experience following doctor’s orders to tan topless.  My young son and his friends were on ‘gate duty’ to warn me if anyone came through to the pool area.  Suddenly 2 policemen in uniform arrive and inform me that someone in the tall block of flats had called them to report ‘indecent exposure’. Truly ii did try to explain to them what ii was actually doing but ii think they were more embarrassed than me.

My oncologist had a good chuckle at my expense and he then suggested that ii try a sun bed to which ii protested and he quickly informed me that any stories of cancer from sunbeds is simply not true and off ii went and booked ten sessions and ten thereafter and so on.  Praise JAH ii did not have to have a mastectomy.

We need the UV light to help the liver produce Vitamin D from the sun to kill cancer cells in skin and tissue and this is why ii now lie in the sun as often as ii can and ii can tell you now to get the sun on your stomach is one of the most healing feelings for me personally.

Here is a potent quote from a 2008 research study in The Journal of Cell Biology:

"Vitamin D can adjust almost everything in the cancer cell, from its genetic messaging to its cytoskeleton. It can switch genes on and off, and it can reduce cell division, and it can calm cancer cells so that they settle rather than spread. It seems vitamin D can actually return a cancer cell to a normal and healthy state".

Everyone with cancer is Vitamin D deficient…even those with melanoma.  Ask your doctor for a blood Vitamin D test.

Truly there is sufficient evidence to realise that Vitamin D can help prevent cancer and this is one of the main reasons why Cannabis cures cancer because it stimulates the body to absorb Vitamin D and this process is covered under the function of hormone absorption. There is also sufficient evidence to realise that by greatly increasing your Vitamin D levels will give you a greater chance of surviving your cancer without chemo and even during chemo.

All cells have large numbers of Vitamin D and Cannabinoid receptors and this is how these two are able to literally eat cancer cells making way for new cell production. Instead of giving people Vitamin D and Cannabinoid supplements pharmaceutical companies are trying hard to patent other drugs to do exactly what Vitamin D and Cannabis do in the body naturally and for free.


We already know that most pharmaceutical drugs including antibiotics, pain killers, sleeping tables, anti-inflammatories and so many others all play havoc on the body and specifically the digestive tract and indeed the liver always takes the brunt of toxins entering the body and it is the diseased liver which is the cause of the majority of medical conditions today and this is directly related to Vitamin D deficiency.

The interesting thing is that in fact Vitamin D has the ability to make certain pharmaceutical drugs more effective.

Researchers at Salk Institute have shown that the pancreatic cancer drug “Gemcitabine” works 57% better if combined with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D benefits fertility problems by assisting the fertilised egg to implant in the womb.
Research has shown that Vitamin D greatly enhances the effectiveness of radiotherapy in breast cancer.  It is also known to inhibit the growth of pre-malignant cells in the lining of the colon and greatly reduces cancer tumours as well as reducing polyps in the colon which often end up turning cancerous.

Vitamin D definitely enhances the effectiveness of osteoporosis drugs and in fact there is concrete research out there to prove that Vitamin D can in fact reverse osteoporosis in post -menopausal women. This is because of increased calcium absorption as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin D also makes anti-obesity drugs work more effectively because it has appetite supressing effects on the brain.

The list goes on to include antibiotics, diabetic drugs, epileptic drugs and so ii am pretty convinced that Vitamin D is vital to improving the effectiveness of any prescription drug and should be included in the treatment of any ill person.

So Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids work very well as complementary medicines to pharmaceuticals but also in the alleviation of their often negative side effects.

6. Sleep Disorders

Most people will tell you, regardless of your condition, that the better your quality of sleep the milder your medical symptoms will become and so it does not come as a big surprise to learn that studies have revealed that over 70% of people suffering from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, diabetes and so on also suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

There are many research studies that now show that people with RLS also almost all have either IBS or SIBO or both and naturally they are mostly all Vitamin D deficient.

Science has also taken note that a large number of people with Celiac and Crohn’s disease have also been diagnosed with RLS. So the link between the symptoms of sleep disorders and problems of the digestive tract and Vitamin D deficiency are very real and obvious.
The reason why Vitamin D and Phyto Cannabinoids make a person sleep so well is because it stimulates the Pineal gland to produce Melatonin and Serotonin, the two hormones which control our sleep wake patterns as well as our mood.

Cannabis has the ability to alter human behaviour, mood perception and consciousness and often promotes the meditation of sharing, humour and creativity, and feelings of euphoria or positive vibrations. Pretty much all the ingredients you might need for a good night’s rest. If you feel better you sleep better.


As far as ii am concerned all disease is actually a syndrome completely connected to Vitamin D deficiency and this then manifests in the digestive tract, particularly the liver and small intestine outwards to the body.

New treatments are not what are needed for Vitamin D deficiency but rather we need greater recognition of the problem and a more conscious attitude toward realising certain medical truths beyond what we have been programmed to believe.

More and more doctors are beginning to realise the truth about Phyto Cannabinoids however, they lack the scientific research to adequately administer this medication and as such so much more research is required on the part of the medical world. For years ii have been saying that it is certain that pretty soon medical practitioners will be forced to learn about the healing powers of Cannabis from their own patients. This time has arrived as we look forward to fair legalisation in South Africa.

A lot of people, including doctors and nutritionists simply don't know much about Cannabis or coconut oil because they haven't ever studied it and most of the instruction that student doctors and other medical professionals receive after graduating from medical school is provided by the pharmaceutical industry and rarely if ever include natural healing remedies.
Often ii hear that ii do not know what ii am talking about because ii do not have a medical degree and ii just really wish to say that when ii look around the world and ii see what the medical world is doing and has done then seriously ii remember exactly why ii left the conventional medical field in the first place.

In my first year of studies at the old Groote Schuur hospital ii used to visit the neurology department with my picture of the brain demanding to know where the THC receptors were. This ii only knew about because of the teachings of my Rastafari elders, so from a very young age ii was aware of the healing powers of Cannabis. In fact ii can tell you that the medical fraternity crushed my spirit totally as a young girl because when ii walked into Groote Schuur Hospital 30 years ago ii already knew that ii had the cure for cancer.

Myself and thousands like me are living walking proof of surviving cancer through the use of Cannabis medicine. When ii look around the world and see what mainstream medicine is capable of well, ii think ii will take my chances with my herbalist as ii will be celebrating my 49th birthday this year which marks 21 years of cancer free good health solely as a result of Cannabis and Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is not present in breast milk…

Since ii am blessed to be receiving two more grandchildren this year ii would just like to make a special note to all young people not only expectant mothers but the fathers as well.  There is only one real difference between Vitamin D, Phyto Cannabinoids and coconut oil and this difference is that Vitamin D does appear in adequate doses in breast milk as the components of Cannabis and coconut oil do. 

So to all the ‘preggie’ moms out there including my Ciara and Denekah please take note that you will need to supplement your Vitamin D when breast feeding to supplement your baby for proper bone and teeth formation.

Keep your faces turned unto the golden sun for the sun is Vitamin D and Vitamin D is life.

 Be Blessed Be Healthy!

Dr Veronika Fedirko, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Emory University in the United States
Professor Elio Riboli, EPIC coordinator at Imperial College London.
St Georges Hospital London
Journal of Cell Biology; November 17, 2008
Dr Joseph
Dr David Wolfe
High Times magazine
Salk Institute
Hebrew University Israel


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